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Town of Burlington (training game)
year 1832

The goal of a training game is to show you how the Farmersi game functions. You will challenge 'automatic' players, and market calculations will take place immediately after you click 'calculate turn'.

It is year 1832 and you just immigrated from Europe to the New World with hope of better life. Will you achieve success here? You just arrived in Burlington in the Illinois state, since you heard of favorable farming conditions here. All you have is a pair of strong hands and $400 - all your savings.

Your tasks is as follows:
• in 1835 to have at least 5 land plots
• in 1837 to have at leas 8 cows
• in 1841 to achieve farm value of at least $5000

population: 250
immigration: high
unemployement: 9%
wages: $240
land plots: 73
land price: $120
land fertility: medium
number of players: 4
length of the game: 9
land tax: $10
grain price on local market: $2.65
price of cows on local market: $26
goods exports to the city: New Orlean
grain export price: $2.50
grain transportation cost: $100
cows export price: $35
cows transportation cost: $100
availability of loan: no
high risk loan: no
minimum EP: 0

Burlington is a small town with favorable conditions for wheat growing and cow breeding.

The game has started.
In the training game you play as "FARMER".

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