SHARE PRICES:   Drużyna Epikura (BL) $157.10    Klub Farmera (BL) $141.48 (18%)   Zielone Wzgórze (BL) $123.23 (28.8%)   ZPG (BL) $194.25 (48.6%)        
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Team Business League

In the Team Business League representations of different teams struggle for domination. 6-8-person teams try to win over the competition. The rules are simple:

  • in the Team Business League only representations of 6 teams can take part, which in the last 60 days before the start of the season won the most EP
  • team representation may join games if it has 6, 7 or 8 members,
  • each season lasts for 2 months and results in each season are independent,
  • new games may be started only until the 15th day of the second month of the season,
  • experience points (EP) won in the game are accumulated on players' accounts,
  • each representation may play in each town up to 3 games, with restriction that the second game may be started from the 10th day of the season, and the 3rd game from the 20th day,
  • each player may play up to 13 games in one season,
  • for calculation of EP, time of game or team EP are not important,
  • ranking of representations is based on their stock price, equal to their EP,
  • after joining a game representation has up to 48h to get the required number of players signed up - otherwise it loses $1 of share value,
  • after each season members of the best representation in the ranking are rewarded with 1 point in the player's ranking and members of representations ranked second and third get 0.5 point and 0.2 point respectively,
  • mother teams of the 3 best representations receive a gold, silver and bronze team cup.

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playing teams
Klub Farmera (BL)
Reprezentacja drużyny Klub Farmera w Biznes Lidze

number of victories: 1
avarage score: 21.2 PD
avarage rank: 1.5

Drużyna Epikura (BL)
Reprezentacja drużyny Druzyna Epikura w Biznes Lidze

number of victories: 2
avarage score: 14.3 PD
avarage rank: 2

Reprezentacja drużyny ZPG w Biznes Lidze

number of victories: 2
avarage score: 18.9 PD
avarage rank: 1.6

Zielone Wzgórze (BL)
Reprezentacja drużyny Zielone Wzgorze w Biznes Lidze

number of victories: 2
avarage score: 4 PD
avarage rank: 1.8

Current scores:

towndescriptionbest companiesranking
St Louis St Louis is a quickly developing town on the Mississippi river. Here team games are played - 3 teams can struggle, each represented by 3 players.ranking
Phoenix Indians inhabited this area already 14 centuries ago. But white men settlements appeared for good in 1860's. Since then the town grows dynamically. Here 2-player team representations struggle each other.---ranking
Virginia City In Virginia City there is a constant fight for control of the gold mine. The gold rush has blinded everyone.---ranking
Chihuahua In Chihuahua breeding cows is popular but... unprofitable. Find your ways of earning money.ranking
Fort Laramie It's a town of many opportunities - find them and cooperate with your friends to achieve better results than competitors!---ranking
San Antonio Initial conditions are pretty harsh - only cooperating with each other you may have a chance to with.---ranking

Ranking of companies:

rankcompaniesshare price games avarage score details
1. ZPG (BL) ZPG (BL) 194.25 5 18.9 details
2. Drużyna Epikura (BL) Drużyna Epikura (BL) 157.10 4 14.3 details
3. Klub Farmera (BL) Klub Farmera (BL) 141.48 2 - details
4. Zielone Wzgórze (BL) Zielone Wzgórze (BL) 123.23 6 4.0 details

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