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League games are a chance for you to show your high management skills and fight for the highest places in the ranking. The rules are simple:

  • everyone with EP>10 can play in the league,
  • each season lasts for 2 months and scores in each season are independent,
  • all games are with no bonuses, in some towns with random parameters,
  • in each discipline player can play up to 3 games, with restriction that the second game may be started from the 10th day of the season, and the 3rd game from the 20th day,
  • player receives points for:
    • each victory - 1 point, each second place - 0.4 point,
    • according the average EP ranking in each discipline - for ranks 1-3 accordingly 1.5-0.5 point; only players who have played 3 games in the discipline are taken into account,
    • according the average EP ranking in all disciplines - for ranks 1-10 accordingly 5-0.5 points; only players who have played 8 games in the league are taken into account,
  • player loses 0.2 point for each bankruptcy,
  • in case of equal amount of points, the order in the ranking is set according to number of games played and player's experience points.
  • EP change is counted assuming equal EP reference level for all players in the given league: 200 EP in the 4th league, 500 EP in the 3rd league, 2000 EP in the second and 20000 EP in Superleague,
  • all games are normally counted in statistics,
  • new games can be started not later than by the 15th day of the second month if season,
  • for the first time player may sign up to the lowest, 4th league,
  • after finishing each season 30% of the best players in each league progress to a higher league and 30% of players with the lowest score, fall down to a lower league (players with no game played don't get degraded),
  • after each season players who advance to the higher league get 0,5 ranking point, and ones who are degraded lose 0,3 point. Besides the winner of the Superleague is rewarded with 1 point in the player's ranking, player ranked second gets 0.5 point and the one ranked third gets 0.2 point.

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Superleague has been temporarly suspended.

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