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Better late than never - May

Charts and tooltips in the gamesheet have been remodeled, so that they are displayed on mobile devices!

Limit increased - February 26

The limit of simultaneus games has been increased to 10 with premium account, and 5 without.

Competition finished - 1 October

The competition on Mars has ended. Congratulations to winners!
This is the final top-10 ranking:

rankplayer victories
1senti Wiejski Punk 76 (65.5%)
2bamburs Drużyna Epikura 29 (80.6%)
3szarylis Wiejski Punk 24 (34.8%)
4qwe Traperzy 23 (76.7%)
4tomako Drużyna Epikura 23 (50%)
5chlebusek Drużyna Epikura 22 (66.7%)
6dzejpi  14 (35%)
7astat United Farms 12 (57.1%)
8adrapnik ZPG 9 (29%)
9oldgrey The Tribe 8 (36.4%)
10mar ZPG 7 (20%)

Competition on Farmersi 9th birthday - August 25

The Farmersi game celebrates 9th birthday! We are launching a CONTEST, opening a new chapter of human civilization. Let's colonize MARS!

  • create a new game or
  • join a pending game
  • The competition lasts till the end of September. The best players will receive prizes (more).

    New hints - February 24

    New hints have been added in the game sheet indicating profitability of properties. This should help you chose right investments to buy.

    Filtering tasks - January 2

    New filtering options have been added in tasks section.

    Best team of the 2013 - December 31

    Congratulations to the team 'Wiejski Punk', which managed to stay ahead of team 'Druzyna Epikurów' in the whole 2013 ranking:

    team number of victories
    Wiejski Punk Wiejski Punk 587 victories (55% - 1065 games)
    Drużyna Epikura Drużyna Epikura 564 victories (45% - 1264 games)
    Zielone Wzgórze Zielone Wzgórze 341 victories (42% - 808 games)
    ZPG ZPG 207 victories (39% - 537 games)
    United Farms United Farms 130 victories (36% - 363 games)

    The Farmer of the 2013 - December 31

    And the winner is... senti ! Congratulations! It was him, who won the most XP in the whole year of 2013.
    And this is the TOP-10 (XP won in 2013 in single player games):

    rankplayerXP won
    1senti Wiejski Punk 42,809
    2gonzal Traperzy 24,252
    3kubanczyk Zielone Wzgórze 23,588
    4slawomir United Farms 22,884
    5texas Wiejski Punk 21,064
    6sicen Spółka Farmerów 17,547
    7opik Zielone Wzgórze 17,392
    8aniawator Terra Nova 16,950
    9flaming Drużyna Epikura 15,144
    10reiss Drużyna Epikura 14,553

    Free premium account for everyone! - October 10

    From now on the 30-day premium account costs absolutely nothing! Activate it for free here!

    The Birthday Contest is over - 26 September

    The contest is over - congratulations galmari!

    7th birthday and the Birthday Contest - 25 August

    Let's celebrate the 7th birthday of the Farmersi game with a new contest for the best player! Find out more details and good luck!

    Player's 3D evaluation - 21 March

    Player's evaluation has been added in 3 dimensions: activity in the game, level of playing and social rating.

    New requirement for apprentice rank - 29 January

    A new requirement has been added for the apprentice and grand master rank.

    Task statistics added - 25 November

    Task games statistics have been added.

    Saloon decreases gunslinger costs - 21 November

    From now on if you have a saloon, your gunslinger costs will be decreased by 50%!

    New town - San Diego - 19 November

    A new town has been launched - San Diego, with a really twisted configuration. You'll play in a team with a bot, whom you can give some instructions. Good luck!

    Upper XP limit lifted - 10 November

    From now on there is no upper experience point (XP) limit to join regular games (experienced players may play with newbies).

    League statistics - 26 September

    Individual league statistics have been added.

    Learn from the best #4 - 3 May

    See the case study presenting, how one team crushed another one thanks to smart strategy and great cooperation!

    Quarter of a million players! - 10 April

    Yesterday we exceeded 250.000 game registrations in the game!

    Learn from the best #3 - 2 April

    See the new case study presentation about smart traps and action twists in 4 games!

    Learn from the best #2 - 25 March

    Learn the story of 3 cattle breeders, mice, grain thieves and the need to look at the goal of the game - ladies and gentlemen, specially for you a case study presenting an awesome victory in Sacramento.

    Facebook login - 22 March

    From now on you may sign up to the game and login with your Facebook account. If you already play Farmersi use the 'Connect' option after regular login.

    Learn from the best #1 - 20 March

    See the story of an awesome team victory in Richmond.

    New investment: bank - 29 February

    What would be the Wild West without a bank? It's there! The new property is now available in 10 towns: Deadwood, Virginia City, Farmersi Town, Denver, Colfax, Gettysburg, Hadleyburg, San Miguel, Wilcze Echa and Orlando. Its income depends on the amount of interest paid by all players.

    Tango Down contest - 14 February

    We wish all the best to those in love, and lots of love for those seeking it!
    Please join our Tango Down romantic operation in Valentine City. Only mixed pairs can play there and the town will be burned to ground after the contest is over. Have fun!

    Task of the Day - 20 December

    Try challenging Task of the Day! From now on each day a new task will be chosen and first 20 players to score above a give threshold will win 1 brick.

    Improved design - 17 December

    Design of the website has been improved - we hope you like it :)

    Single turn games! - 5 June

    Signle-turn duel games are the newest addition to our game. Just one shot - aim well!

    Challenge other players - 16 May

    Now you may challenge another player - open their profile and send them a challenge. The winner of the duel game gets an extra XP premium.

    Individual town statistics - 24 March

    A table with individual town statistics has been added - you may see in which towns you easily beat your opponents and in which ones you still need to improve.

    Valentine City contest - 14 February

    Best wishes to all in love and those seeking their missing pair. We invite you all to join the Valentine City contest!

    Advertisment- 14 February

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    Challenge Kubus and win 5000 XP! - 11 February

    The self-proclaimed champion of Winnipeg challenges you! Beat him 15 times in this town and win 5,000 XP! The contest lasts till the end of month.

    Most difficult towns - new ranking - 31 January

    Which towns are the most difficult? Find it out at the newly introduced town difficulty ranking! :)

    Game of the Year - 27 January

    Browser Game of the Year 2011 - Vote now! Vote for Farmersi game!

    Best wished for the NEW YEAR! - 1 January

    In the New Year we wish you all 12 months in good health, 53 weeks of good luck, 8784 hours of diligence, 527040 minutes of cheerfulness and 31622400 seconds of true love!

    Team statistics rebuilt - 28 December

    Team statistics have been reorganized and expanded.

    Gambling games - 6 October

    Long before the appearance of the first online casino, gambling games get intoduced into the saloons!

    Major changes - 15 September

    Some major improvements in bonuses and starting new games have been made - more on forum.

    New team town - 7 September

    New team town has been added - Detroit (1848). It offers games with no gunslingers, for two 2-person team representations.

    4th birthday of the Farmersi game! - 25 August

    Today we celebrate fourth birthday of the Farmersi game!
    There is a big party in Washington, where town parameters have been changed and XP requirement lowered to 0!

    Additional information in the game sheet - 15 August

    An option to activate additional information in the game sheet has been introduced - for a period of 7 days it is available for everyone!

    Secondary goals in Chihuahua - 9 August

    In the team town Chihuahua there are now secondary goals - if accomplished the team receives $40.000 premium!

    New town: Carson City - 31 July

    New town opens its doors - Carson City (1848). It offers quick games for 3 players with lots of investment options and unexpected events. Have fun!

    Wilmington slow, Iowa quick - 31 July

    Some changes in 1832 towns have been made - games in Wilmington are now slow (turns every 24h) and games in Iowa City become quick (4/8 minutes)!

    Promote Farmersi game and get free bricks! - 20 July

    From now on for each player you invite to the game, you will get one brick. Use your partner link, which you may find in your profile, send e-cards, promote the game in social networks and check, whom you manage to acquire.
    The Farmersi game is the only game in its kind, teaching earning money and business way of thinking!

    Do sheep play football? - 17 July

    The Mundial is over, but did you know that sheep also play soccer? If you haven't seen sheep soccer players, you should watch this!

    Use your bricks... - 12 July

    New ways to use your bricks have been added. You may even demolish your estate and retrieve 50% of invested bricks.

    Lucky Day - 10 July

    'Lucky Day' is being introduced. It appears every 20 days, but you may have it faster by 24h for each victory in an individual game (except for duel games). During their Lucky Day players can access a hidden town of Pueblo and the 'Go West' scenario and they can buy the premium account with a 25% discount or even get it completely for free!

    BBGsite Anniversary - 23 June

    The portal, promoting the Farmersi game on the Asian market, celebrates it's First Anniversary!

    New event: grain thieves - 18 June

    A new triggered event 'grain thieves' appears in El Paso 1869, Sacramento, Colfax and Farmersi Town. It is triggered if the local grain price exceeds the export price by over 50%. Because of high food costs people revolt and steal 50% of grain gathered by players.
    This is a single time event, it happens not sooner than in the 3rd turn and only in games with goal other than maximization of export revenues.

    Gold rush - 4 June

    In San Francisco, Deadwood, Denver and Farmersi Town a new event has been introduced - the gold rush! It is acvtivated if the population exceeds a given number - when the gold rush starts investments in the hotel and the gold mine show up and the immigration is higher.

    Prohibition - 2 June

    Another event introduced - prohibition is declared in Winnipeg, Little Rock, Virginia City, Washington and Farmersi Town when the brewery income exceeds a certain value. In such case income from brewery and bars is twice lower over the next 2 years.

    Cheese factory - 2 June

    Another event has been added - cheese factory. It is build if the milk price falls below the 65% of the starting price and it causes increase in demand for milk. This event appears in Seattle, Farmersi Town, Phoenix and Washington.

    Interest rate rise - 1 June

    New event is being introduced in Buffalo, Sacramento, Deadwood, Orlando and Farmersi Town - if the prices of grain and meat are over 100% higher than the starting levels, there is an increase in interest rates, meaning higher interest on incurred debt.

    Change in challenge games - 23 May

    From now on the change of experience points (XP) in challenge games depends only on player's score in the game and not on their XP. Besides access to challenge games has been restricted only for players with XP>200 and premium account.

    Cup statistics - 11 May

    Cup statistics have been expanded - on the summary tab you may see players' results from all cups.

    Player statistics expanded - 17 April

    New statistics of players have been added.

    Tutorial - 9 March

    A tutorial for beginners has been introduced.

    Starting cooperation with BBGsite - 24 February

    We started cooperation with an Asian games portal - they will promote Farmersi on their portal. See a map of where players are from!

    Join our funsite on Facebook! - 10 February

    Farmersi on Facebook'u

    Ranking of the day - 16 January

    From now on there is a toplist of the day published between 8 p.m and midnight Central European Time.

    Radio MUUUSTANG! - 16 January

    Radio Muuustang is in the game! It will play and sing for you, to feel like in the old west!

    'Quick games' become faster! - 10 January

    Turns in quick games have been shortened to 4 and 8 minutes instead of 5 and 10 so far.

    Arabic and Spanish portals - 8 January

    We have started cooperation with and game portals - our game is being presented there.

    Washington D.C. - 1 January

    Changes have been made in the city of Washington (1869) - from now on there are individual games for 15 players!

    Virginia City - 13 November

    A new team town is being introduced! In the Virginia City (1869) 2 team representations may fight, with game parameters set each time in a different way.

    Virginia City - 13 November

    A new team town is being introduced! In the Virginia City (1869) 2 team representations may fight, with game parameters set each time in a different way.

    Textile mill- 30 October

    Textile mills are being introduced in all towns, where cotton is planted.

    Join Farmersi at Facebook - 28 September

    Please join Farmersi at Facebook!

    Vote for Farmersi! - 18 September

    Please vote for our game and comment it on the BBGsite forum.
    We have started cooperation with - great portal featuring browser games.

    Partner program! - 13 September

    A partner program is being introduced - promote the Farmersi game and earn 20% commission on payments of your associated players! Find out more about this program and discover ways of promoting the game.

    Reminders - 31 August

    Reminders is a new gadget that will help you remember about turn calculation or any other event - give it a try!

    Automatic translations - 17 August

    The google translator can translate our site to over 30 languages! Unfortunately it's not possible to retain full functionality of the translated page.

    New town: Gettysburg - 1 August

    GettysburgHere took a place the largest and decisive battle of the Civil War. Gettysburg is a new town, in which Yankees fight Confederates and try to fulfill secondary goal. Join the fight!

    Business League now open! - 9 June

    The first season of the Business League is now open! Join a corporation to take part!

    Superleague starts! - 1 June

    The third season of the league games has started! This time the superleague is open, with 2 new cities: San Diego and Oklahoma City.

    League games! - 1 April

    Join the second season of the league games!

    Join the Olympic Games! - 16 February

    You may now join a team (or create one!) for a Farmer Olympic Games. It will start in a month time. Everyone is invited!

    League games! - 2 February

    Join the first season of the league games!

    Challenges introduced! - 8 January

    Challenges allow to set many parameters in pending games, e.g. number of bonuses or an XP minimum requirement.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!! - 24 December

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

    No XP limits - 24 December

    For Christmas until the end of this year there are no XP limits in all towns!!

    Country songs! - 24 December

    For all players we have a special gift - 5 country songs performed by Konwój band:

    Game statistics on the map - 20 December

    Check on the map you game statistics in each town! In pop-ups on maps you may easily check the number of your games in each town, your average rank and XP won.

    Wild West statistics - 16 December

    Wild West statistics have been added! Now you may check, who won the most in this scenario, what are record scores and which 'party' won the most points.

    Go West! - new scenario launched! - 6 December

    New scenario 'Go West!' has started. All players with XP>10 have received an invitation and may now join this exciting adventure.

    Wild West City - 24 October

    New team town is being introduced - Wild West City (1848). 3 teams fight in quick games: Indians, ranchers and railway constructors. You may join any of them. Although this is a team game, players receive individual XP and in statistics it is treated as a single game.

    New team town - Deadwood 1869 - 15 October

    In Deadwood gold has been discovered! Immigrants arrive to this unsettled town, located in the Indian territory. 4 teams of 3 players each can fight here.

    Players ranking - 20 September

    A new players ranking is being introduced! It measures players' achievements in all fields of the game Farmersi.

    New bonus - Indian shaman - 12 September

    New individual bonus is being introduced - an Indian shaman .

    Chihuahua - new team town - 3 September

    Mexican town of Chihuahua invites all teams to fight for the largest cow herd! The town is available in 1869 for all players with XP>80, regardless of premium account.

    2 BIRTHDAY OF FARMERSI! - 25 August

    Farmersi game celebrates today second birthday! On this occasion we open a new team town - Chihuahua (1869) in Mexico.

    Charts with no animation - 13 August

    An option to turn off chart animation has been added in my profile.

    Farmer Olympic Games open! - 8 August

    First Farmer Olympic Games are now open! Good luck to all participants!

    XP abolition - 2 August

    To help preparing before Farmer Olympics all XP limits are temporary suspended.

    Tasks - 21 July

    A new section is being opened - tasks! These are single player training games. New tasks can be created by played with a premium account and XP>50 but they can be played by all players.

    Ranks - 28 June

    Check out your rank! 6 ranks of farmer qualifications are being introduced: novice, apprentice, journeyman, expert, master and past master.

    Izzi Farmer Test - 27 June

    Izzi Farmer Test is a short quiz and an introduction to the game for newcomers - check your qualifications as a farmer!

    Profiled Wild West - 16 June

    From now on every third edition of Wild West scenario will be for beginners (XP<150 and number of cowboys lower by 1/3) and every third edition will be for advanced players (XP>80, number of cowboys higher by 1/3).

    Winnipeg - let's colonize Canada! - 13 June

    Friday the 13th is a lucky day for Canada! Today we open our first settlement in this beautiful country. Games in Winnipeg will be quite different and very challenging! :)

    Farmap - 11 June

    Farmap is a site, on which you may mark your location and check you plays Farmersi game in your vicinity.

    Wild West scenario - 1 June

    The Wild West scenario is available! It is quite a new type of game in the Wild West - it includes numerous innovations making the game a lot more exciting! :)

    Washington - 20 May

    Washington (1869) is now available - have fun playing there!

    Ecolanguage - 12 May

    We recommend you watching some 'Ecolanguage' short economic presentations - eg. about Bush tax cuts.

    Hangman - 8 May

    Probably you know this game - it will entertain you while waiting for the turn calculation :)

    Cups with no bonuses - 21 April

    From now on in even Cups there will be now bonuses available. Uneven Cups remain unchanged.

    Double team towns - 17 April

    From now on signing up to 2 games simultaneously in team towns is possible.

    Fast El Paso - 15 April

    Duels in the Wild West require speed. From now on games in El Paso are available with turns every 5 and 10 minutes.

    More pleasant with music - 11 April

    To make playing more pleasant you may listen to a song by Enigma.

    Reflex excercise - 30 March

    To be a gunslinger you must have fast hand - here you may do some training.

    Happy Easter - 22 March

    Best wishes for Easter to all players!

    No XP limits - 22 March

    For Easter there are no XP limits.

    Comments in games - 22 March

    Submiting comments in games has been substantially improved.

    Export price decline limit - 20 March

    From now on export price may not fall more than 30% annually.

    Secondary goals and bonuses - 11 March

    New feature introduced! In Buffalo, Denver and Seattle when signing up to the game you may chose a role in the game - you may play as a farmer, rancher or entrepreneur. Depending on your choice you get an extra bonus and a secondary goal to fulfill. If you manage to reach the goal you are rewarded with some XPs, but in case of failure you lose some XPs. Read more about it in the game description.

    Mice - 23 February

    Mice become a plague in the Wild West! Full granaries of prosperous farmers are their heaven. From now on mice eat 5% of wheat and corn gathered in granaries.

    3 team bonuses - 23 February

    3 team bonuses are being introduced, allowing for tighter cooperation in team games:

    • joint attacks - joining forces will enable attacking with higher efficiency - with this bonus players may transfer gunslingers,
    • joint stock raising - raising one huge herd is much more efficient than several small ones - with this bonus players may transfer cows and sheep,
    • joint defense - in case of your farm being attacked your defense is reinforced by workers of teammates.

    Bonuses are available after achieving by the team power ratio  following thresholds: 100, 200, 300. Bonus may be chosen by team leader.

    Farmersi in Arabic? - 20 February

    Tunesian cell of Al Qaeda found our game as a great tool developing intelligence and decided to translate Farmersi to Arabic - see the result of their work.

    'Max' button - 19 February

    For players with premium account or XP over 30 a 'max' button has been added, automatically setting maximum purchase offer on the given market.

    Valentine contest finished! - 18 February

    Valentine Contest is over! Congratulations to the winning pairs.
    126 persons took part making up 152 pairs. 383 games have been played. Competition has been hard and the ultimate record has been set in the last minutes of the Contest!

    Initial pool not changing XP - 15 February

    Valentine Contest - 14 February

    From today till Sunday El Paso 1832 is booked only for mixed couples. In a Valentine Contest your goal is to have together the most cows! Individual XP is not accumulated. Prize for the winning couple is a 1-year premium account.

           Best scores:

    Farmersi Town for all farmers! - 12 February

    Farmersi Town (1869), hidden in a remote valley of Rocky Mountains, is a prosperous settlement, inhabited by 15 thousand farmers! Game in this town will be a real challenge for the best players (with XP>500). But till the end of the week it is available to all farmers with XP>20!

    Monthly goals - 11 February

    At the beginning of each month each player will get an email with their game statistics and an individual goal for a new month.

    Special tast - quite a challenge! - 1 February

    A third 'special task' has been introduced (for players with XP>150) - this time game takes place in Lexington, where 3 goals are to be accomplished. Gunslingers may be helpful, as well as cow imports and trading wheat...

    Bandits - 1 February

    Export routes are a favorite work place for... bandits. From now on when exporting from Los Angeles, Dallas or Atlanta be careful and send a few gunslingers to protect convoyed goods.

    50th LEGO anniversary - 28 January

    Today is the 50th birthday of LEGO bricks! With this 'Toy of the Century' you may build everything. LEGO men even reached the Wild West! Watch to LEGO westerns: first, second.

    3 towns REVOLT! - 24 January

    Citizens of Memphis, Wilmington and Seattle rioted, demanding faster games! They called for radical changes, claiming that there is nothing worse than long waiting for next turn calculation. Town sheriffs relented under the pressure and introduced turns every 5 and 10 minutes! However changes of experience points in these towns will be half the normal amount.

    Revitalization of Memphis - 24 January

    City council of Memphis, aiming at increasing attractiveness of the town, decided to give 2 concessions for running shops, rise public land offer and introduce a new goal - maximization of exports income.

    Chart of the Day - 20 January

    On the Chart of the Day we present top 5 players or teams.

    New bonus: stock broker - 18 January

    Another bonus introduced - 'stock broker'. Thanks to investments on the stock market player with this bonus get an extra profit of 4% of cash not spent for purchasing land, cows and investments.

    New bonus: double identity - 17 January

    A new bonus is being introduced - 'double identity'. It allows playing with no bonuses nor impediments :)

    Cup statistics - 9 January

    Cup statistics are now available! See who won the most XP, how games with the highest bet looked like and what are your achievements.

    Monthly premium account - 3 January

    Monthly premium account for just 6 USD and price of 3-month account lower by 25%! May all players play full version of the game! :)

    Private messages - 2 January

    We introduce 'private messages'! From now on you may send private messages directly to a chosen player.

    Best wished for the NEW YEAR! - 1 January

    In the New Year we wish you all 12 months in good health, 53 weeks of good luck, 8784 hours of diligence, 527040 minutes of cheerfulness and 31622400 seconds of love!

    3 gifts for X-mas! - 24 December

    For all players Santa Claus prepared 3 gifts:

    • new town - Sacramento in 1869
    • free premium account for 7 days
    • no XP limits in all towns till end of the year!
    Merry Christmas to you! :)

    Gunslingers attack simulator - 18 December

    The last 'simulator' is now available! This time you may test gunslinger attacks. It will make it easier to decide whom to attack and on what focus the attack. Or maybe hunt some buffalos?

    Grain market simulator - 13 December

    Newly introduced grain market simulator allows counting grain export price including cost of transportation and 'grain trade agent' bonus. It may be helpful in deciding whether to sell grain on local or on export market.

    Cows market simulator - 12 December

    We introduce a helpful add-on in the game sheet. Cows/sheep market simulator will let you predict profit on milk/wool sales and cow/sheep export. It will be available only with the premium account and for newbies (XP<30), but for one week it's free to all :)

    Facilitation for newbies - 10 December

    Players with XP<30 now may see extra information in the game sheet, which were available so far only with the premium account.

    Everyone can be a gunslinger... - 10 December

    Check yourself as a gunslinger in this little flash gunslinger game.

    First winner of the Cup! - 5 December

    First Wild West Cup has just finished. Congratulations to Izzbel!

    Search box - 3 December

    Search box has been added, making it easy to find information e.g. in the game description.

    20 thousand players! - 25 November

    Today the number of registered players in the game Farmersi exceeded 20 thousand! When will it reach a million? :)

    3:10 to Yuma - 20 November

    Quite a nice western recently in theaters. Watch trailer.

    Wild West Cup started! - 19 November

    First edition of the Wild West Cup has started today. Have fun and good luck!

    New server - 17 November

    Farmersi game is now on the new server - fast and reliable. Enjoy playing :)

    10 thousand games! - 15 November

    Already 10 thousand games have been played! Today games with 5-digit numbering started.

    El Paso 1869 - 5 November

    Gran fiesta en El Paso! From now on this town is available also in the year 1869! Have great duel games there :)

    Prettiest farms in town - 24 October

    In each town there are is now toplist of prettiest farms. You may set location of your town in your profile.

    Avatars as gif - 19 October

    Avatars are now as a gif file. Therefore animated avatars are now possible (you may change it in your profile).

    Color themes! - 19 October

    4 color themes have been introduced - depending on your liking and mood you may have Farmersi in winter, spring, summer, fall and rain colors.

    25% discount on premium account! - 16 October

    For players, who have not bought premium account yet, we introduce a 25% discount! To get it you must achieve a score over $15,000 in a quick game in Wilmington.

    Global warming - 12 October

    Today Al Gore received Nobel Prize for spreading knowledge about threats of global warming. Who has not yet seen his movie "Inconvenient Truth", should see it.

    Game of the Week - 9 October

    Game of the Week has been added under the Toplist of the Month - a game finished last week with the highest average player's XP.

    PayPal payments available - 9 October

    Payments for premium account are now in USD via PayPal available!

    Apache resistance - 8 October

    We present you an interesting 6-minute movie about Apache resistance in 19th century.

    Promote Farmersi with benefit for yourself! - 1 October

    Now every player has their own link promoting Farmersi! Advertise our game online and for each player who joins Farmersi through your link and gets 10 XP you will automatically receive a 7-day premium account! You can find your promoting link at your profile.

    Poem - 28 September

    Farmersi game is the best
    You run your own farm in the Wild West,
    You can buy cows, grow crops or invest,
    Tell your friends - they all should test! :)

    Team medals - 28 September

    In the team statistics (after clicking on the team icon) you may find now statistics of players participation in team games. Players, who contributed the most to their team XP, are honored with a Gold Team Medal and players who contributed most in the last month get the Silver Team Medal .
    Farmer of the Month is distinguished with a Gold Medal .

    Diamond stars - 28 September

    Diamond stars are being introduced replacing 5 gold stars .

    Bonus in premium account - 24 September

    Players with premium account now can see purchase limits of their opponents and how much each player bought or sold particular goods (land, cows, grain).

    Team of the month - 21 September

    Toplist of teams has been introduced. Congratulations to the winning team - Farmer's Club!

    E-card from your farm - 20 September

    Send an e-card to your friends and inform them about our game!

    Imports of goods - 18 September

    From now on in all towns if the price of grain or livestock rises 30% above exports price you may expect import of goods. This should hinder speculative price hikes.

    Chicago - town for intra-team games - 16 September

    Chicago has been added to game - here teams can play their internal competitions. Only team leader may start a game in this town.

    Second special task - 11 September

    Second special task is available for players with XP>40. This time game takes place in 1848 and 9 XP can be won. Good luck!

    Special task - 4 September

    First special task has been added - a tutorial game against AI players. In this game 6 XP can be won. You may play this kind of game multiple times to develop best winning strategy, but only the first time XP is scored.

    Toplist of the month - 19 August

    Toplist of best players has been added - victories in games finished in the current month are counted, excluding duel and team games. Player with the most victories will become Farmer of the Month.

    Everybody can shout - 19 August

    Shoutbox has been added on this page - now anyone can post something instantly visible to everybody.

    Richmond and St Louis - 8 August

    2 team towns now open! In Richmond (1832) and St Louis (1848) it is possible to play in teams. New games can be set up only by team leaders.

    Denver 1869 - GRAND OPENING!! - 29 July

    New town with lots of novelties is being opened! The are: new investments , tobacco plantations , random event and a special order ! Till end of July Denver 1869 is open to everyone, regardless of XP and premium account!

    El Paso - duel games! - 29 July

    In El Paso (1832 and 1848) 'duel games' can now be played. If you wish you may challenge someone and meet in an equal fight in El Paso.

    Locust and threat of Indian attacks - 29 July

    New events have been introduced - in Dallas and Santa Fe threat of Indian attacks occurs and in Atlanta locust causes great damage .

    Customized timezone - 21 July

    Now you may choose your time zone (in 'my profile' bookmark) and have turn times displayed according to your local time.

    Time to join forces! - 19 July

    Running a farm in the New World is a quite challenge - there are threats all around and mean neighbor wish us we go bust. But you don't have to count only on yourself anymore! From now on players may associate in teams!

    Buffalo 1848 - 14 July

    The town of Buffalo (year 1848) is now available! Games there are very challenging - only for best players! :)

    English forum - 2 July

    The English forum has been started from scratch.

    English version - update - 1 July

    Dear Players!
    The English version of the game is still being improved.
    We invite you to play as most of features of the game are ready. Some parts of our game are still being translated and should be ready within couple of days. Good luck in farming and have fun!

    English version almost ready - 22 June

    Thanks to great help from marekk the English version of Farmersi game is almost complete.


    Proper functioning of charts requires Flash Player.

    Any questions / suggestions / mistakes? Contact us!
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    Wiejski Punk senti - 5.4 (10 victories, 17 games)
    Drużyna Epikura tomako - 5 (9 victories, 13 games)
    piotrun - 4.2 (8 victories, 11 games)
    rolniko - 4.1 (9 victories, 15 games)
    Zielone Wzgórze fraterr - 3.6 (6 victories, 9 games)
    Klub Farmera astat - 3.6 (6 victories, 15 games)
    ZPG mar - 3.2 (7 victories, 20 games)
    Klub Farmera ooshibby - 3.2 (1 victory, 1 game)
    Drużyna Epikura laszczu - 3.1 (2 victories, 3 games)
    ZPG katerinka - 2.5 (3 victories, 8 games)

    Farmer of the Month in December: senti Wiejski Punk - 8.20 (27 victories, 46 games)


    Drużyna Epikura - 6 victories (60% of 10 games)
    ZPG - 3 victories (38% of 8 games)
    Zielone Wzgórze - 2 victories (33% of 6 games)

    Master of the Day:

    piotrun 1869_Boston_9469a (+154 XP)
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