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Here we explain how the game works. If you find anything incomprehensible here you may look for explanation or ask for one. 46 18
10.01.2015 (So) 05.29
If you find anything not described appropriately or you find something can be described in a better way, put here your proposal. 24 5
09.09.2009 (Śr) 04.57
Here we discuss the game concept and developement plans. How to improve the game? Share your ideas! 10 9
12.06.2014 (Cz) 01.32
How to achieve better results? Here experienced players share their advices with begginers. 28 5
09.07.2014 (Śr) 14.23


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You can write here on any subject you wish. 12 9
25.03.2018 (Nd) 06.34
How was life in America in XIXth century? How the colonization of American soil procede and what factors can be included in the Farmersi game? 0 0


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