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By the end of August 2006 Farmersi game has been born! The pregnancy period lasted about 3 months and the newly born baby offered only simple games in Memphis even without bankruptcy mechanism :)
The following 3 years Farmersi game has been intensively growing up - hundreds of large and small updates making the game more interesting and fun.
Now, after 7 years Farmersi may be considered a whitebeard in relation to most other online games. But on the other side there are games like chess or GO that have more than a thousand years! Will anybody play Farmersi in 1000 years time? :)


To celebrate Farmersi 7th birthday we invite you to take part in our Birthday Contest. Only games with numbers higher than 802849 will be included and the contest lasts till September 25th at 23:00 GMT. Players score 1 point for each player defeated. For example winning a duel in El Paso gives 1 point and ranking third in a game for 8 players scores 5 points (because 5 players ranked lower). Ale games are included (even team games) except for games with bots (task and training games).

The best player will get 30 bricks and sheriff's medal.


1senti Wiejski Punk314 124
2avee Drużyna Epikura243 173
3mar ZPG194 126
4opik Zielone Wzgórze167 115
5pokemon 122 84
6xaramon Wiejski Punk121 60
7ergo 118 67
8jacky Drużyna Epikura114 44
9rtoip Miejscy Farmerzy104 42
10astat Klub Farmera93 26
11adasko Zielone Wzgórze92 61
12ceresyta Wiejski Punk89 24
13janosik Kuźnia Talentów84 72
14karlos Drużyna Epikura70 54
15sqwer 54 29
16bocian Zielone Wzgórze47 37
17markusz ZPG46 34
18skored ZPG44 22
19oldgrey The Tribe39 9
20John Black 29 18
21fraterr Zielone Wzgórze28 21
22vihur 15 7
23rolniko Wiejski Punk13 10
24inia ZPG11 11
25krzepa Klub Farmera10 6
26dudi Zielone Wzgórze10 7
27zylo Traperzy7 4
28tomako Drużyna Epikura6 10
29tamari Drużyna Epikura3 1
30Dakota Indians 1 3


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